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How To Become A Successful With Mobile Applications?

There are plenty characteristics that differ successful apps from the ordinary ones. Moreover, it is not enough being lucky to reach a great success on the up-to-date market of mobile applications. Definitely, there are few weighty features that cannot be ignored by any of top business app developers while they promote their apps. If you have an aim to create the product your clients will be satisfied with, you must pay many efforts in order to get great feedback.

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Instagram: People must see your product beta version

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It is highly recommended by JatApp experts to let some influential people test your product before its official launch. Presenting a test version before the official release brings a great opportunity for its further successful promotion. With a word spreading quickly, the right app promotion must include beta launch. In the case with Instagram, the company cleverly provided clients with the ability to push photos from Instagram into numerous social networks. Even with its “traditional slowness”, Instagram had played on its strong sides while achieving popularity.

Snapchat: Your target customers is a priority

The business app developers of Snapchat first inform their college friends at Stanford University about their app in order to reach popularity. In the same time, the real boost of app came after Snapchat turned into teenagers’ popular mean of communication.

According to JatApp experts, the best feature of Snapchat that has allowed the app to become so popular is group messaging functionality. With the great ability even for mass snaps staying personalized, sending snap to multiply friends has a bunch of advantages.

Evernote: Press attention is vital

Numerous business app developers use press as one of the best tools for media promotion. Once Evernote was launched, the press coverage allowed getting incredible number of app’s users. When such reputable sources as TechCrunch wrote about Evernote, its popularity started to grow exponentially. Even on the stage of beta version demonstration, press coverage allowed getting a thousand signups. JatApp experts also note that the correctly chosen strategy positively affected the popularity of the application.

Clear: Uniqueness and simplicity

Many business app developers agree that Clear’s history is the story of an app that appeared to have a unique app design. Having no buttons, the Clear became the real example of uniqueness and simplicity among other existed to-do list applications. With the unique design and great usability, the app was very convenient and easy in use. Before the app was launched, the founders paid enough time and money on its full tech blog coverage providing previews, demos and teaser videos. This strategy brought a huge popularity to the app in a few weeks.

Camera+: Social networks appreciate persistence

The Camera+ founders made social networks the key means of its popularity achieving. By choosing Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and email to get their app media coverage, the founders also added sharing feature previously lacking in any other similar app. Due to the well-designed strategy of Camera+ business app developers the number of subscribers reached significant numbers in few days after app’s presentation. Being sure that app’s unique feature makes the app competitive on the market, the founders expanded its market borders well beyond the U.S.

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